Small Face & Body Oil
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Small 2 ounce bottle with disc-top lid.

Great for travel, purse, gifts and carry alongs.

Just a smaller bottle of our wonderful large 8 ounce. 


Let’s keep this simple: created by necessity & shared with love.

Enjoy glowing skin from a special combination of nature’s healing plant-based organic oils.

DIRECTIONS: Apply daily to overall body to promote healthy, vibrant skin.

INGREDIENTS: ricinus communis (castor oil), olea europhea oil (olive oil) & natural essential oils.

* Spicy Vanilla has additional ingredients including almond oil, peanut, lanolin, cinnamon and clove. Grace, Slightly Almond has additional ingredients including almond, peanut, and lanolin.

Made, packaged & distributed by:

KOORY organics TM

Because we believe what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.


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  • Manufacturer: Koory Organics

Small Face & Body Oil

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